About Us

Club JKB is a by-product of JKB Bookkeeping and Accounting Services, an accounting firm that has been growing since 2010 in Montreal and which is proud to have been able to integrate the quality of services into its corporate culture through an approach personalized tailored to the needs of the client’s situation. To learn more about JKB Services, follow the link https://jkbservices.ca/en/a-propos/

Over the years of working with his various clients, Jimmy and his team have found that some of them are reluctant to take the plunge to launch their business, and others ‘the bravest’ who have started, have trouble managing well and especially making the right decisions for the prosperity of their business.

It is with this in mind that the JKB Club was designed, with the aim of helping its start-up members and even those already in business, by offering business coaching, business plan and constitution services. 

Our Mission

Club JKB’s mission is simple:

  • During customer support and feedback, it arouses questions that lead them to self-discovery, which increases their level of perception and responsibility in business.
  • Accelerate the progress of the client by helping him to better target his efforts and by promoting a greater awareness of the possible choices in his decision-making both in terms of cost reduction, fundraising and contacting with the right business partner; and more.
  • We recognize that the results achieved depend on the client’s intentions, choices, and actions, supported by the coach’s efforts and the implementation of the coaching process.

Our Vission

The quality of our coaching process, the expertise of the coach and the client’s commitment to continuous improvement, allow us to believe in a successful future in business for the client.

Targeted Sector

🎯  Real estate management companies

🎯 Restaurants, hairdressing and beauty salons

🎯 General and specialized contractor

🎯 Graphic designers and infographists, designers and others

🎯 Professionals (accountants, notaries, doctors, lawyers, tax specialists, brokers and others)

🎯 Communications and media companies

🎯 Non-profit organizations

🎯 Dental and medical clinics

🎯 Provincial and federal government agencies 

🎯 Information technology companies